How I start to DJing

People ask me how I start to DJing…

Well, in ‘88 – ‘89 in my country, only few people have the fortune to access or own a Technics SL-1210 MK2, the standard DJ turntable from ‘72 till now. So, I was one of them.

How I start? Growing with the electronics on the table because my father, i was loved electronics and circuits and start build my first cassette tape deck when i was 14.

Later I was doing my lyceum Disco night on every Friday and Saturday alongside few friends from 88 to 90 and also some nights on a student club, playing casette tape on decks.

In ‘90 my friend and Master, more older with 15 years, asked me to help him carry few vinyl records boxes one night to the club, he was a resident DJ in no. 1 club in Romania. From that night I was carry vinyl boxes to club, change ashtrays and refill various drinks cup to my master, every night. After 3 months in one night, he was playing roulette at the casino, that was part of the club, and asking me to start playing some music because the club was full of people… (around 1000 people every night from Monday to Sunday, unforgettable nights) From that time I was DJing night  by night from 10pm to 6-7-8am for 6 years till I moved to Italy.

For me, that night was the night when i start my journey in this beautiful life of a DJ.