Techno Train

DATE: May 24, 2017
TIME: 10:00 pm
LOCATION: 4F, 218 Xinle Lu near Donghu Lu, Shanghai, China
VENUE: Elevator

What is Techno Train and what is its purpose? Techno Train is a party concept to support techno DJs based here, its not about international bookings. I believe there is already a huge database of great DJs and producers, both Chinese and foreign, that will grant more opportunities for them. Lina K’s long-running techno and tech-house night lands at Elevator for a Wednesday night rave-up. It’s turned out dancefloors at Dada, Celia, the Mansion in past episodes, things may get messy when the train pulls in. This round brings the Elevator debut of Romanian techno mastermind Fane, Duster support.